Preview: Best of Q4 2010 | LOTSO 14

Preview: Best of Q4 2010 | LOTSO 14

The guys share the games they are looking forward to the most in the upcoming holiday release season.

Plus we throw down in the Rant Grab Bag this episode and share our thoughts on casual gaming and its effect positive and negative, Madden-ing 2010’s lack of any real innovation, and we kick the games with piss poor multi-player achievements in the sack!

All that and more on this episode of LOTSO!

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Kinect not supporting sign language at launch – but it can some day. MS already has it patent on it. Could video games, and came systems usher in a new era of accessibility?

BioShock Infinite Goes Beyond The Sea & Into The Skies

Hidden blueprints show the plans for Arkham City

Our Rants:

Casual gaming is ruining the industry!

Google game adoption a ‘strategic necessity’

Google is going to get into gaming BIG, but not the deep rich games we love… The casual stuff. At least that’s Chris’ opinion!

Madden-ing 2010.

Multiplayer achievements suck balls.

Our Most Anticipated Games of Q409/14 Halo Reach
10/19 DJ Hero 2
10/19 Fallout: New Vegas, trailer
10/26 Fable III
11/04 True Crime
11/16 Assassin’s Creed


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