Linux Backup Roundup! | The Linux Action Show! s13e04

Linux Backup Roundup! | The Linux Action Show! s13e04

This week on The Linux Action Show!

It’s top 4 ACTION ways to backup data under Linux, then we’ve got some leaked details about Nokia’s up-coming premier MeeGo device, does it blow us away? Stay tuned to find out!

PLUS – We take Slashdot to SCHOOL!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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This week’s show notes:

The new PocketBooks, Run Linux.

Android Pick:

  • Syncs with rich web client (and Win/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android apps)
  • Will be powering Chris’ & Jeremy’s brain for the next week +
  • Results will be discussed on Jupiter@Nite Monday August 31st

This Week’s News:

Google voice and video chat, now support Linux!

  • First step to Android video chat?
  • Google claims it took quite a bit of changes to work with Pulse Audio

Nokia’s QWERTY-slidin’ N9 shows up running MeeGo!

  • The prototype, built in Finland, is said to have an entirely metallic construction
  • A couple more pictures here.
  • Even more p0r… err.. Pics here.

Critical Security Flaw Silently Patched

  • The attack allows a (unpriviliged) user process that has access to the X server (so, any GUI application) to unconditionally escalate to root.
  • It doesn’t take advantage of any bug in the X server!
  • Been an issue since Kernel 2.6 was released October 8th 2003

Root Privileges Through Linux Kernel Bug (Same story, different angle. Slashdot claims they are not related, despite the fact that they are.)

  • More of a conceptual issue.
  • The problem is in the memory management area of Linux allows local attackers to execute code at root level.
  • SUSE maintainer Andrea Arcangeli provided a fix for the problem in September 2004

Android gets Python Scripting

C# comes to Android via MonoDroid

Linux Backup:

  1. fwbackups
    1. Great UI
    2. Supports multiple OSes
    3. Remote backup support
    4. Image backup support (not  positive on this)
  2. Mondo Rescue
    1. Backs up your GNU/Linux server or workstation to tape, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R[W], DVD+R[W], NFS or hard disk partition.
    2. Allows you to restore your computer from bare metal.
    3. It supports adjustments in disk geometry, including migration from non-RAID to RAID.
  3. Back in Time
    1. Inspired from “flyback project” and “TimeVault”.
    2. Keep in mind that Back In Time is just a GUI. The real magic is done by rsync (take snapshots and restore), diff (check if somethind changed) and cp (make hardlinks).
    3. A new snapshot is created only if something changed since the last snapshot (if any).

Chris’ favorite for a network: BackupPC

Data Rescue:
ddrescue – Copies data (best effort) from bad sectors to good sectors
dd_rhelp – A nice tool to make using ddrescue easier.

Not sure what you should be backing up? Read this article.


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