Super Car Tech | Jupiter@Nite | 8.24.10

Super Car Tech | Jupiter@Nite | 8.24.10

In a world where a single traffic jam might not un-snarl for MONTHS, we need to think about more economic choices for driving.

We could start peeing in our gas tanks, I guess?  But that tech seems a bit far off at this time.  How about we focus on ELECTRIC CARS!

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What got Jeremy started on this topic:
Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle, etc) found a new toy and has been Tweeting about it.
(image) (video of prototype model in motion, with sound – silent) (at night, Tron’d out!)
(video of Nathan’s test drive, driving in reverse) “That’s what she said.”

His tweet-spree was also covered by the NY Times today.

It’s the Arcimoto Pulse.

  • Manufacturers are aiming for release in early 2011, with a price around $17,500.
  • Batteries are rechargable, and can get up to 160 miles on a single charge, with a top speed of 65mph. (so, a bit over 2 hours of continuous operation on a full charge — good for a commute)
  • Full charge in about 6 hours.

And just today, Nissan confirmed delivery of 25,000 Leaf EVs to the US by the end of 2011.
Leaf Homepage — This one is really neat because it looks, and acts, like a regular car.

  • About 100 miles per charge.
  • Has a “quick charge” feature that boosts the battery from zero to about 80% in 30 minutes (available only at special recharge stations — home charging is ~8 hours..)
  • Aiming for around $25,000 price tag.

And alternative fuels are neat, but what about AUTOMATED DRIVING?

Mercedes-Benz is getting close to making this a reality
Already being used on test courses to more safely perform hazardous testing on vehicles

If this kind of thing went live, could traffic simply vanish?  Would a network of “computer” drivers be capable of communicating with one another and adjusting to various traffic needs?

And would they all kill us THAT much faster, when the Robot Uprising happens?

Life-sized LEGO car


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