Callback Coders | CR 22

Callback Coders | CR 22

We discuss if developers get trapped in callback hell, the role of Javascript on the desktop, Android’s birthday, Windows 8’s potential, and the Ubuntu SDK!

Plus a batch of your feedback and much more!

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Show Notes:


  • Mike is still alive. Score!
  • Brandon shares that in his experience colos can be very expensive.
  • Jason is striking out on his own but doesn’t know where to find clients.
  • Zane would like to know what resources I recommend for learning the basic of designs for a developer.
  • Ben would like to know if Chris has a different VM for each client.

This Week’s Dev World Hoopla

El Ocho

  • My MS.Cheese() has been moved!
  • Language++
  • The future of C#
  • The future of JS on MS

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