Digital Brain Upgrade | Jupiter@Nite | 8.31.10

Digital Brain Upgrade | Jupiter@Nite | 8.31.10

Jeremy have been attempting to use digital storage devices and services to supplement our sometimes spotty memories. Services like Evernote brand themselves as easy-to-use digital memory… but are they really helping?

We’ll throw down our opinions on the subject, and give you our honest reactions to the experiment. Along the way, we’ll also share some tidbits about how memory works, or doesn’t work, and share some other tips for enhancing your own.

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Tonight’s Show Notes & Download Below:

Free iPhone and Android app.  There is also a paid version with more features.
Can store text notes, pictures, video and audio clips.  For subscribers, you get the ability to search the text within pictures (business cards, for example), and other features.
Chris’ thoughts:
  • He forgot to update the show notes.

Jeremy’s thoughts:

  • I’ve already used it for a couple things that I KNOW I never would have remembered to follow up on:
    • Example 1:  A private message from a chatter during a previous show that contained a link.  Instead of asking him to email it to me (like I always do) I just took a picture of the screen and sent it to Evernote.  Done.
    • Example 2:  Angela played an audio clip on a previous FauxShow and I wanted to know the artist cuz it was a good one.  Put it in a text note in Evernote.  Done.
  • Also was a good starting point for remembering some of my article ideas for TenTonHammer.  While putting together my ‘scratch doc’ where I dumped all my ideas, I was able to go back thru my previous audio notes and transcribe many of them directly from my Evernote memory.
  • The audio note is easily my favorite feature, but the iPhone app doesn’t let you append anything to them at a later time.  You can only do that with text.  Some sort of audio-to-text translation would be nice to have.  (in the pay version?)
  • My iPhone also doesn’t successfully play back audio notes, so I have to use the web client.  Dunno what that’s about.
  • Pics taken using the Evernote app don’t turn up in your phone’s photoroll.  For better or worse.
  • You can email notes into your own memory AND OTHER PEOPLEs’, if you know their Evernote email.  So keep yours private, unless you want people inside your brain.
  • A lot of things that I uploaded to Evernote, I would’ve remembered anyway.  Especially by the act of taking the time to upload them.  That tiny extra bit of effort caused the ‘memory’ to leave a stronger impression.
  • It’s not a complete solution.  I still find myself forgetting things that I need to do.  Like make new business cards for PAX.  That keeps slipping my mind.  If I never upload a reminder, I’ll never receive the reminder.
  • Also, you have to remember to go check your storage on occasion in order to see what you thought you should remember.

Dial2Do — a speech-to-command plugin that works with Evernote (Blackberry/Android only)

ReQall (video)
Another free app.  This one specializes in speech-to-text translation.  You call in your reminder, and the service parses it into a To-Do List type of arrangement.

  • If you include a time, it will schedule it to your Calendar.
  • If you include “buy” it sets it up as a shopping list.
  • If you say “tell” or “remind” you can have your notes sent to other people (probably only if they use the service, too).
  • You can also sign up for the premium service (~$50/yr) to send you reminders via text message.

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