Cyber Addiction | Jupiter@Nite | 9.1.10

Cyber Addiction | Jupiter@Nite | 9.1.10

We all use computers on a daily basis. Most of our time is spent staring into the soft glow of a screen of some design or another, whether it be a PC, handheld device, or cell phone. But what happens when our normal interaction with these useful tools, crosses the line into addiction?

Games are touted as the number one cause of cyber addiction. But could it be something more sinister? Or is mankind simply wired to need the things it wants?

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Brain Scans Show Patterns For Impulsive and Addictive Personalities (original study)

  • This study indicates that the term “addictive personality” could be a reality, and is caused by a lack of sufficient dopamine receptors in your brain.
  • Dopamine is a natural stimulant released by your brain when experiencing pleasure.  The receptors remove an amount of dopamine from your circulation, curbing your appetite for a particular experience.  If you lack receptors, your body gets overwhelmed by these pleasure-makers, and REALLY enjoys whatever it is you’re doing.
  • Problem:  Excessive dopamine circulation has been linked to every form of addiction studied.
  • Gaming is proven to release dopamines!

Why is Technology so Addictive?

  • Answer:  Because we don’t know how to filter its use properly.
  • Also includes several great tips on avoiding tech addiction (specifically re: smart phones)
  • Examples:
    • Don’t multitask when you can avoid it.  Doing so can create an ingrained sense of stress and urgency whenever that tech is in use.
    • Don’t apologize for your tech’s failures (bad reception, etc) — this psychologically reinforces a dependency on the tech.
    • Get organized.  The mere act of getting organized reduces your reliance upon reminders, distractions, and the stress of forgetfulness.

NCSoft gets SUED for making Lineage II “too addicting”

  • Gamer claims $3million in damages over “gross negligence” because he wasn’t warned ahead of time that the game could possibly become an addiction.
  • This dude’s just crazy.  The lawsuit was filed after his account was banned for selling in-game items (violation of the EULA).
  • Interesting that a federal judge has allowed the case to be heard, though.  If ANY judgement is passed against NCSoft, it could open an whole can of worms in the MMO scene.
  • has a whole “addiction” tag because of stories like this…

South Korean physician treating “Starcraft Addiction” with drugs!

  • The drug being used is an anti-depressant called Bupropion.
  • Success was judged by doing MRIs while subjects were shown pictures of zerglings.  No joke.

Psychoactive drugs being used more frequently to treat addiction and other ailments

  • Psilocybin (from ‘magic mushrooms’) has been shown to assist in the treatment of tobacco and other drug addictions, when combined with psychotherapy.


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