Con Survival Guide | Jupiter@Nite | 9.2.10

Con Survival Guide | Jupiter@Nite | 9.2.10

It’s a matter of life and death! Will you live to see the next Booth Babe, or die from Swine Flu before you even enter the premises? The boys of Jupiter@Nite have been prepping like mad for their upcoming ATTACK on PAX (aka Penny Arcade Expo) and now share with you fine people, the tips and tricks that they hope will allow them to survive the onslaught of awesome in one piece.

From comfort, to health and economics, we’ll fill you in from head to toe on the dos and don’ts we’ve picked up along the way. Don’t leave home without this episode! Your continued survival may depend upon it!

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Chris’ Must Haves

  • Tactical Pants
  • Tactical Shirt
  • Extended Cell Phone battery (Chris bought this for his EVO 4G Jeremy got this for his iPhone), and charging options (plugs, etc) just in case.
  • Google Docs / Spread Sheet if you are going with a couple peeps
  • Kodak Zi8 – Awesome 1080p Flip Cam killer
  • Relax, let yourself wander until you find something that strikes your fancy. Repeat if necessary. It really works!
  • Wear very comfy shoes! (Jeremy says: Or buy new ones!)

Jeremy’s Recommendations:

  • Pen on a cord
  • Hand sanitizer (and USE it, after touching things like keyboards & controllers)
  • Make your schedule ahead of time. (last year I did not, and ended up attending nothing!)
  • When scheduling panels you think you might attend, be sure to read the names/titles of the people hosting.  Don’t waste an hour+ of your valuable ‘con floor time.
  • Get a hotel room.
    • Even though we only live about 45 minutes from PAX, I am wishing now that I got a room nearby.  After-hours parties, no parking fees, easy commutes, etc etc.
  • Exercise before hand, if you’re usually a sedentary type.

Alan’s Thoughts:

  • poop
Valdeck says:  Treat it like a HIKE.
  • Plenty of water, get your rest, bring GPS (in case you get lost under a nerd-a-lanch) and bandages.  And sunscreen if you’ll be outdoors much.


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