Linux Beginners Q&A | LAS! s13e06

Linux Beginners Q&A | LAS! s13e06

It’s our beginners ACTION guide to Linux! We’ve collected some of our top audience questions, and we give you the straight answers to your hard hitting questions!

PLUS – We’ve got three wicked Android picks that will empower your handset with super-phone like abilities fueled by our yellow sun!

And so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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This Week’s Show Notes:

Android App Pick:

AppBrain App Market
Fast Web Installer
Angry Birds Lite

Chris’ EVO 4G Extended Battery – Works great!
CrossOver (formly CrossOver Office)- The easiest way to run Windows Apps under Linux, with support.

Questions Answered:

  • What is open source, vs closed
  • How can Linux be free?
  • What is root?
  • Why not run as root?
  • What is a boot loader?
  • What is the diff between an open source driver, and a closed one made by the manufacture?
  • What’s the deal with flash and MP3?
  • Repo vs Software installer downloads? What are package dependencies?
  • What is the diff between Desktop Environment and Window Manager?
  • What is QT? What is GTK? Why does a program use one or the other?
  • Where to get help?
  • What won’t work?


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