Captain Bio Spotlight | STOked 50

Captain Bio Spotlight | STOked 50

This weekend, the boys from Jupiter Broadcasting boldy went where so many had gone before — PAX Prime 2010! Unfortunately, with Cryptic not in attendance, news for STO was light. In this episode, we’ll talk about some of the 3rd party software and hardware solutions that were seen on the Expo floor, that we’re hoping to feature in future episodes.

After that, we’ll perform a quick review of the latest Weekly Content: “Out In The Cold”

Then we’ll wrap up the episode with the last batch of Community Spotlights, from the bios we’ve received over the past several weeks, and give you a tease regarding our next feedback request.

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This week’s Show Notes:

We spent the last week preparing for, and then attending, PAX!

We did catch a couple cool things for future episodes of STOked

  • a potential STO-compatible voice-control software (Tazti – pronounced Tasty)
  • some neat peripherals. (keyboards, mice, headsets, etc)

Chris will review: Out In The Cold (this week’s Breen/Deferi weekly content).

  • Cave tileset new and neat
  • Convenient plot devices (“weapons that only work on [insert race here]”)

And that’s it!  For more thorough PAX coverage, tune into Jupiter@Nite Tuesday night.  And then we’ll have a PAXtravaganza episode of LOTSO filmed live this Friday evening.

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Community Feedback:

Honorable Mentions:
“Oh, and he has irritable bowel syndrome”
Lol A Saurus (@ not known)
– Because it’s funny/clever.  Not particularly good.
@Te’lc (Ethan)
– Because he’s freakin’ TWELVE.  He’s never known a Star Trek world that wasn’t reruns.

Will be posted on
Great story, good narrative, quality writing.  Worth the read.
“Think of a metal. Picture the most desirable metal in existence. Do you see Silver? Gold? Latinum perhaps? All of these are rare elements that carry with them traits such as royalty, beauty or power. Our protagonist, Alec Michael Paul Maynard, is a revered Captain of piracy, attributed to Iron for the qualities that it possesses. Common, dark and sturdy it is an often condescended metal of both integrity and fortitude that isn’t pretty but is used for the toughest jobs, due to its reliability in handling just about any task thrown at it, no matter how dense the crap.”

Ties in to Spock’s Reunification efforts AND being a reclaimed borg.  No easy feat.

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