Ubuntu on Nexus 7 | LAS | s24e06

Ubuntu on Nexus 7 | LAS | s24e06

We load Ubuntu 12.10 onto a Nexus 7 and tell what works, what doesn’t, and where this is all heading. Is this a laptop killer? Or just a toy for us nerds? Tune in to find out!

Plus we’ve got Netflix running on Ubuntu, and we’ll show it to you, the big news of the week, your feedback…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Ubuntu on the Nexus 7


Brought to you by: System76

Proxmox or Ubuntu on the Nexus 7 next week?

Mark Shuttleworth on why Ubuntu on the Nexus 7:

http://youtu.be/769U8n3srkg?t=4m44s – 6:22

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  • No Unfilter or SciByte next week, and TechSNAP is live on Wednesday.
  • Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates, join us next week for

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