Resident Evil Mold? | Jupiter@Nite | 9.9.10

Resident Evil Mold? | Jupiter@Nite | 9.9.10

With the latest Resident Evil movie hitting theaters this weekend, we thought it might be a good time to look at what the movie has done specifically to cater to 3D viewings. Plus – why we consider this franchise generic, and dull!

AND: Some of our most treasured classic movies are being destroyed by mold. Being the big movie fans we are, we find out what is being done to save these classics!

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3 new Resident Evil: Afterlife clips make good use of their new 3D powers

  • Will you be watching it in 3D? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Will the cinematic history of the 20th century be destroyed by fungus?

  • A lot of twentieth century history and culture is preserved on film. But in fifty years, this history could be lost. And it’s all because of pernicious microbes that eat away at film, according to a new study.

Emerging fungal threat to historical film archives

  • A fungus that ‘eats’ cine film threatens to irreversibly damage important film archive and record of British social history, and is now starting to happen in the US too.

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