The C++ is Alive | CR 25

The C++ is Alive | CR 25

After some delay our C++ Renaissance episode arrives! But did C++ really fade away? Plus Mike and Chris discuss the various use cases for C++ and the surge of Objective-C.

Plus does posting publicly about software bugs make us haters? Setting expectations, the year of Qt, and more on this week’s Coder Radio!

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Show Notes:


  • Victor asks “But cmon guys, where\’s the screaming? You two get along too well.”
  • A Listener shared his blog
  • Sebastion asks: “When building a custom app for a client, how do you limit the time they take to test each iteration?”
  • Hans asks if we know of any free GUI toolkits for the OGRE 3D graphics engine.
  • Do Chris and Mike hate Android?

C++ The Backstory

  • Created in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup
  • C++ usage was always big in certain spaces but managed languages took a lot of the market share.

Why C++ and Why Now?

  • The Apple / Mobile Story
  • The Microsoft Story
  • QT

What’s the Tooling Story?

  • Visual Studio
  • QT
  • Eclipse
  • Text Editors

So I Should Always Use C++ ?

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