Social Media Evolves | Jupiter@Nite | 9.14.10

Social Media Evolves | Jupiter@Nite | 9.14.10

We live in a world where each person is connected to every other person in strange and powerful ways.  Generally, we call these mystical linkages “SOCIAL NETWORKING” and like it or lump it, it’s here to stay.  A few stories and announcements surfaced today that have painted these social tools in a negative light, and we have thoughts to share.

We’ll also give you the lowdown skinny on our thoughts regarding the NewTwitter that was announced today, and all it represents for the future of microblogging.

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Biography of a Facebook’s Caeser

Incriminating IMs surface from four years back, painting “Zuck” as a backstabber:
ZUCK: yea so if you ever need info about anyone at harvard
ZUCK: just ask
ZUCK: i have over 4000 emails, pictures, addresses, sns
FRIEND: what!? how’d you manage that one?
ZUCK: people just submitted it
ZUCK: i don’t know why
ZUCK: they “trust me”
ZUCK: dumb fucks


Google is stalking your kids!
A former Google Engineer used his powers for evil, to track the online activities of a group of teens he befriended while working at the company. Google confirms they fired him.

Positive Social Networking Ideas:
To plug Jupiter Broadcasting (obviously)

  • Made contacts in the gaming industry, for my “other” job.
  • It has replaced some of my news feeds. (Chris)


  • Tech support emergency
  • iPhone release (availability)

Twitter now offering in-line pics & video

  • New UI Video
  • They already offer this in their mobile apps.
  • 3rd party apps like Brizzly have already offered this as well.
  • Are Twitter devs just waiting for a good idea to pop up in app form, then copy it?
  • The “BIG” announcement is a Twitter UI change/upgrade.  About damn time!
    • Although… the simplicity of the main page has always had a certain charm.

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