Let’s Talk Proxmox | LAS | s24e08

Let’s Talk Proxmox | LAS | s24e08

Learn all about Proxmox, a free software based enterprise grade virtualization solution. Proxmox combines KVM with openVZ powered by Debian, and it’s free to use.

PLUS: We’ll cover a couple of the big upsets of the week, and some great Q&A in the feedback segment.

Then – Chris’ first thoughts on his new Bonobo Extreme System76 laptop!


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Brought to you by: System76

Find out what’s better than KVM or OpenVZ. It’s Proxmox. And, it combines both technologies into the ultimate hypervisor.

By mixing the two virtualization types, you can install more than twice as many VMs per host as you can using full virtualization alone. Some techs report three or four times the density per host.

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