Hidden Passageways | Jupiter@Nite | 9.20.10

Hidden Passageways | Jupiter@Nite | 9.20.10

The secret doors, rooms and tunnels of someones home have always peaked our interest. We look at some of the most impressive hidden networks of some ordinary looking homes!

One of the most famous underground cities is right here in our home state, the Seattle underground city. We share some pictures and stories from our local underground mystery town.

Plus we cover the hard numbers of Halo Reach, and you might not believe how epic they are!

Whoa that’s a full Jupiter@Nite…. all the way OMG.. Live on the Internet… All the WAY. What does it mean?

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House with amazing hidden passageways home to huge pot grow

These people build you a hidden doorway

Hidden passageways over the years

“Halo: Reach” by the Numbers


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