Saying It Wrong | FauxShow 119

Saying It Wrong | FauxShow 119

Angela and Chris discuss commonly misused words and phrases followed by things that seem legit, but in fact are not.

Plus is a HUGE mail sack in this FauxShow!

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Bacon opening:

Misused words:

More Misused words:

25 Magic Words

Common Wrong Phrases:

Doesn’t make sense:

Seems Legit:

Interesting Facts:

Mail Sack:

Ken Writes:

We are holding the second annual New Year OggCasters Party and we would be thrilled if you could could call in and say hello. Many of our community members subscribe to TLAS so it would be fantastic to have you call in and wish people happy new year.

It starts on Mon, Dec 31 2012 at 12:00 UTC and runs until 12:00 on Tue, Jan 1 2013. This is an open invite to both you and your listeners to join the live session in the HPR room on port:64747 or listen along to the live stream.

Don\’t be worried if you can\’t stay up for it all as it will be released in it\’s entirety on HPR during the first two weeks of 2013. If you can\’t make it live, you can always send us a short New Year greeting to play during the show.

For more information see

Iain Writes:

Hey guys, just making a site suggestion from a usability standpoint. I think it would be good if you added a \”Next\” and \”Previous\” button for linking the pages of one show episode to another. I wanted to go though the coder radio episodes to collect the Book of the Week entries and I\’m finding it hard. I can imagine plenty of others would like to skip through the show notes for other reasons and in other shows so maybe you could consider adding the functionality.


Tom Writes:

Just watched your Unfilter show and I\’m so glad there is a show like yours telling of these topics and hidden agendas. I also agree with the email from Ed regarding archive of live chat available on the website for \’all\’ shows on Jupiter Broadcasting. I think this is a great idea, especially for those of us who can\’t always make the live shows, just like myself who live in different time zones. It also gives another reason for people to check out the web site and perhaps click on other shows or remind them of the affiliate links. Anyway, the idea is a great one, if its possible, please put this on your site as I too have looked for this in the past for several different shows.

Also, its great that you have the calendar, but as a foreigner living in Asia, it defaults to Asian language that I cannot easily translate as embedded into the English web page. If this can be sorted, great, or get an additional indicator; Next show is …. in …. hours minutes time.

Actually while I\’m on the subject and since its now December so you probably have nothing better to do; regardless of which page someone lands on, be that a direct link or from a search on Google etc, have a message display that the network in part provides great content because of the support of a great audience, so please consider adding affiliate add-ons or monthly subscriptions to be part or this greatness 🙂
Presumably done via a cookie that expires/refreshes every 24 hours, therefore the message would only display once within the 24 hour period. I don\’t think that would be too intrusive at all, I wouldn\’t mind it at all. Perhaps put it to a vote after checking how feasible it is to do.

Cheezit Writes:

I\’m a big fan of several shows on the jb network.

Coder Radio: What do you think of PaaS stacks (i.e. heroku)? do you use/recommend them?

TechSnap/Coder Radio:Will cloud infrastructure/PaaS services eventually replace most systems administrators jobs?

Unfiltered: We are in the process of buying a house with help from a family member. The family member and her siblings recently inherited money from their mother\’s passing (estate sale and savings). We are inching closer to a closing date, but the bank is really putting up roadblocks and insists seeing the complete money trail. The bank claims homeland security is regularly screening large money transactions. One of siblings invested most of his inheritance in oil stock and gold. The trade was put on hold and also screened by homeland security. These family members, AFAIK, are upstanding citizens with no criminal background. This is also all coming second hand. My questions is WTF is going on?

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