Dabo Math | STOked 52

Dabo Math | STOked 52

You asked for it, so we delivered. With the gracious assistance of a STOked fan, we are now prepared to offer you an in-depth analysis of your favorite bar game and ours – DABO!

Before we get into all that mess though, we want to share with you some recent news and rumors – new ship models, new costumes, state of the game, engineering report and MORE!

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This Week’s Show Notes:

RUMOR: Nebula faces indefinite delays
(CBS approval?)
Quoted during an interview on Subspace Radio

Thoughts on “Cold Case” — this week’s Featured Episode

  • Liked the ‘chase’ aspect of the mission
  • Neat that the Preservers stored their data in ruins/etc.
  • Jeremy was hating on the puzzle.  Might’ve just been morning-crankyness.
  • Chris thinks the puzzle issue isn’t the puzzle itself, but the interface used.  A separate interface (like the waveform dealie)

State of the Game

  • Seeing an increase in Lifetime memberships
  • More than half of their subscribers have played the new weekly content
  • Re-evaluating their C-Store attitude.  More items available in-game + purchaseable.
  • A lot of KDF-specific talk, but how much will be implemented in a timely manner?
  • “We have a new ground combat mode in testing that allows you to switch to a target reticule and shoot your weapons where you are aiming instead of needing to click target.”

Engineering Report
“Our recent meetings with CBS also turned up some interesting discussions and several of the features we had hoped to deliver are being rescoped and evaluated due to some concerns. This primarily impacts the Enterprise J and the Kzinti.”

New KDF ship pictures!

New costume pictures!

Shout out to Red Shirt Army
The footage used to display the STO-Advanced hacks was put together by them.  Thanks!

Massively raises the question: “What mechanics from other MMOs should STO steal?

Cryptic’s Champions Online on sale for $6.00!  (Until Sept 22)

Comes with 30 days of free play, so it’s a great deal if you’re curious!



There’s necessarily a bunch of number crunching, and there’s no way that you can ‘cheat’ the system.  But thanks entirely to a very dedicated fan of Dabo (@RachelGarrett!), I do have some details and mechanics I can share with you.

The first thing you should know, is how to read the board.  Each symbol on the wheels is a combination of a suit (color), shape, and a number.  There are 3 possible version of each of these 3 variables.  This means that there are a total of 27 different combinations (3x3x3), each of which are represented only once on the board.

The innermost ring on the wheel is a wildcard where color is concerned.

In addition to the 27 symbols, there are also a number of miscellaneous symbols that increase the payout of any line they land on.

  • The so called Swirl is a joker, that can act as any color, shape or count
  • Two or more Quarks give a high payout. (looks kinda like a golden scarab)
  • DS9 icons work like Quarks, but have a lower multiplier
  • A black hole will match with nothing

Of note:  There is only ONE Black Hole per line on the board.  That means that the worst possible spin, is to get all 3 of those lined up, and win nothing.  But, if you bet on 3 lines at a time, your odds of winning something actually increase, because you can never hit this combo on two lines at the same time.  Which is another way of saying, always bet on 3 lines!  Your odds of winning increase!


There are SO many different ways to win, and SO many different payouts, that it’s actually completely possible to calculate an average payout for playing.

The longer you play, the closer to get to a basic exchange rate where, for every 100EC you spend playing dabo, you’ll win (on average) 88 GPL.

Now, this also means that you can easily calculate the actual EC value of all of Woody’s goods by multiplying the cost by 114%.  This ALSO means that it’s relatively easy to calculate an estimate of how much EC it will cost to get the top dabo-related accolade, which is winning 1million GPL.  By multiplying that by 1.14, you can estimate that you’ll need about 1,140,000 EC in order to achieve all of the available accolades.

In summary, dabo is entirely chance and luck, and here are some links to the payouts and odds of hitting them:

Payouts and Walkthru:  http://stowiki.org/Dabo
Dabo-related Accolades:  http://stowiki.org/Accolade/Exploration_Accolade#Dabo
Odds and Calcuations:  http://forums.startrekonline.com/showthread.php?t=176160


You have a few more days to send in your submissions!  We’ll be sharing your answers on next week’s episode.  Send your feedback to:  stoked@jupiterbroadcasting.com

Last week’s question:
“What can Cryptic do to create incentive to joining/creating Fleets/communities?”


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