Jupiter Boozefest! | Jupiter@Nite | 9.21.10

Jupiter Boozefest! | Jupiter@Nite | 9.21.10

Who doesn’t love a good glass of wine, or a nice chilled bottle of beer? With Oktoberfest getting underway, we decided to cover a few recent stories related to our beloved libations – from cooking, to science, and even ART! Alcohol is all over our world, and a part of our lives.

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The 200th Anniversary celebration of Oktoberfest began on Sept 18th in Munich

  • The first Fest was held to commemorate the marriage of some royalty.  I guess they liked beer.
  • Also sprang up from a decree from the 1500s which forbade brewing during the hotter drier months of Summer due to fire hazards, and so over the Summer, beer would be slowly rationed out to make sure they didn’t run out.  Then when they could brew again (October), they’d go drink like crazy to celebrate their ability to make more beer!
  • Pictures, pictures, pictures and more pictures

Timely news stories:
Fast & Cheap Technique for Infusing Flavors into Booze

  • Using a regular household “whipper”, you can infuse flavors into any liquid.
  • Examples in this article include infusing basil and parsley into a white wine, among others.
  • Similar beverages usually require the use of expensive machinery ($2k+).  This method, produces hand-crafted concoctions for a fraction of the price.

Artistic Pictures of Microscopic Structure of Alcoholic Drinks

  • Homepage:  http://www.bevshots.com/
  • Allow the mixture to crystallize on a slide, then photograph under a polarized light microscope.
  • Can take up to three months and as many as 200 attempts.
  • The bright colors in the mixed cocktails are the result of dried out citric acid and complex sugars.
  • Full gallery of available prints:  http://www.bevshots.com/all.html

Alcohol Is Good For You!

  • In studies around the globe, evidence mounts up that moderate-to-heavy drinking increases your lifespan.
  • Nobody has nailed down the “why” … but who cares!  Let’s drink!
  • Leading theories: Relaxation and Socialization.

Someone figured out how to Deep Fry Beer

  • Obviously it was born in Texas.
  • I love the last line in this article:  “Last year’s winner of the Texas state fair fried food competition was a recipe for deep-fried butter.”

Urinals for Sorting Your Pee
Spotted in Germany, said to be a joke regarding Germany’s prolific recycling sorting stations.

Even video games celebrate booze!
World of Warcraft announces the beginning of this year’s Brewfest!


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