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Week 2 Results & Week 3 Predictions | NWGB 3

Week 2 Results & Week 3 Predictions | NWGB 3

This week the Goofballs discuss their week 2 pick results and week 3 predictions. The Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings have shocked the world with their unexpected 0-2 starts and on the other hand, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chicago Bears are 2-0. Then the Goofballs give their opinion on the Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback controversy, Michael Vick is making it hard for Andy Reid to put the unproven Kevin Kolb back in the starting position. Plus, Dan gets his Brett Favre on and more!

WARNING: The Northwest Goofballs Football Podcast may contain explicit content. We are not professionals, we are idiots. Listening to us will make you taller, and less aggravating to the people around you. Side effects of not listening may include cranial leakage, vacated bowels, Turkey neck, testicular implosion, and a stupid look on your face!

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