HTML4++ | CR 27

HTML4++ | CR 27

HTML5 went big in 2012, but how are things looking for 2013? With some high profile moves away from HTML5, is the Internet’s darling fading or just getting started?

Plus where to start with game design, playing the app store game, and do we hate Firefox?

And much more on this week’s Coder Radio.

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  • Chris writes in:

“When I referenced \”beauty\” I meant the design of C++ as a language, and how one can write in it very freely.”

  • A web developer wants to know why we hate Firefox and sees a trend for web devs to focus on webKit.
  • Jason asks:

So, here is where I am really stuck. How do you sit down and design something like a game? What tips would you give for actually laying out the design of the code, and the UI that you need? I come from a heavy web background, and have been doing mostly procedural languages for the past 10 years. I have the training in OO, but haven\’t been using the skills.

Mostly, I\’m curious about the design side of apps and gaming. How do you do this so it doesn\’t take on a life of its own, but still gives me the direction I need to move forward?”

  • Harley shares that Goto’s are still used and can be useful in generated code and also that Vala depends on Glib
  • Charles wrties in to share Just Java 2 for AP Comp Sci students and does not recommend CodeAcademy.
  • Anthony asks is the money to be made on the Ubuntu Software Center
  • Kyle shares for you AP Java student

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