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Week 3 Results & Week 4 Picks | Northwest Goofballs 4

Week 3 Results & Week 4 Picks | Northwest Goofballs 4

This week the Goofballs talk about the ups and downs of week 3 as well as their picks for week 4. The Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears remain undefeated, the Philadelphia Eagles with Michael Vick continue to kick ass in the NFC East as the San Fransisco 49ers continue to crater. Then the Goofballs field their first live forum question about which coaches should be on the hot seat, plus Al’s $5.00 Handi-pick!

WARNING: The Northwest Goofballs Football Podcast may contain explicit content. We are not professionals, we are idiots. Listening to us will make you taller, and less aggravating to the people around you. Side effects of not listening may include cranial leakage, vacated bowels, Turkey neck, testicular implosion, and a stupid look on your face!

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