Few of Our Favorite Things | CR 28

Few of Our Favorite Things | CR 28

Mike and Chris discuss their favorite things from 2012. And do developers really need monster rigs to get their jobs done? Plus our thoughts on Github vs code.google.com, the XPS 13…

And more!

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Show Notes:


  • Michael wants to know why Github > code.google.com
  • David wants our thoughts on the Dell XPS 13 developer edition
  • Luke asks: “How do I bring my independent study into focus, such that I have a clearer perspective of how to get from idea to app? “
  • Jack reccomends Lynda.com
  • Johan’s experience on the Ubuntu Software Center. Johan from Sweden
  • Russel shares re code academy:

“Ultimately we came to the conclusion that learning from a book or a more rigorous source is far better for actually learning a language, but Codecademy is still useful for a quick reminder on stuff like syntax. I used Code School to learn Ruby and didn\’t have any of these issues, I suppose the lesson is that you get what you pay for.”

John writes:

“After your last C++ show I got all fired up to learn C++. I\’ve heard many times how bad Java guys are C++ so I am trying my best not to suck too much. One thing I don\’t quite understand is where C++ coders go for much of the API that I am used to using with Java. i.e stuff like HTTP libraries, XML/XSLT manipulation, database integration etc. I know Qt has a lot of that but so far all my C++ applications have just turned into Qt applications and I feel i\’m somewhat missing the point. “



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