Facebook & Vampires | J@N | 9.30.10

Facebook & Vampires | J@N | 9.30.10

It’s movie night! This coming weekend marks the release of two very different, but interesting films. One is a movie about Facebook, the other is about Vampires. But are they really so very different as they seem? FIND OUT ON THIS EPISODE. It will change your life. Forever.

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The Social Network

  • Directed by David Fincher, previous of Se7en, Zodiac and Fight Club.  Seriously.
  • Based on a book called “The Accidental Billionaires” which is said to be wrong about many details.
  • The film’s screenwriter Aaron Sorkin told New York magazine, “I don’t want my fidelity to be to the truth; I want it to be to storytelling,” implying that fiction is more entertaining than fact, even in a biographical picture.
  • Who else got booted out of an Ivy League school and went on to do great things?  CHUCK

Let Me In

  • Remake of a Swedish film, “Let The Right One In.”  Reported as being a faithful adaptation. (Available on Netflix Watch Instantly)
  • Early reviews say it’s a really great thriller, and that Chloe Moretz (aka Hit Girl from “Kickass”) convincingly plays an ancient soul stuck in a 12-yr-old girl’s body.
  • The movie takes place in “Los Alamos, New Mexico” (a fictitious place, but named after Los Alamos County in NM).  Apparently the film portrays the setting as so bleak and uninviting that the NM Tourism Bureau is suing the film over it.
  • This movie gets vampires back to being scary beings of frightening power, instead of the recent trend of “Hollywoodizing” the vampire myth: Turning them into emo goth rockstars.
  • Twilight has inspired wannabe teens to drink eachother’s blood. (yuck)



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