Ubuntu 10.10 Review | LAS | s14e01

Ubuntu 10.10 Review | LAS | s14e01

Today marks an action day in history, we review Ubuntu 10.10 on October 10th 2010.. AT 10:00AM! Has the desktop Linux quality bar been set to a whole new level, or just received some simple polish? We give you the details!

The future of MeeGo came into question this week, but our gut tells us everything is going to A-OK, we discuss!

Plus we share our thoughts on why an Amazon App market for Android could be a great thing… Plus so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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This Week’s Show Notes:

Runs Linux:
Augen Tablets, Run Linux

Android Pick:
Share Keyboard, type from your desktop.
Adobe Air for Android.

Nokia’s MeeGo device chief quits

  • Last month, Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s smartphone division head, quit, saying he’ll leave after the expiry of a six-month notice period.
  • Peter Skillman, one of the designers of Palm Inc.’s WebOS operating system, joined Nokia in September and could be a candidate to fill Jaaksi’s position, Jefferies’ Simpson said.

PenguSpy Article and the site.

Amazon’s building an Android App Store?

Ubuntu 10.10 Review:

Ubuntu Font Faimly, the new font.
What’s new in GNOME 2.32
Hot Hardware’s Ubuntu Review

OMG Ubuntu


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