2013 Linux Predictions | LAS | s25e01

2013 Linux Predictions | LAS | s25e01

We dust off our Action Crystal Balls and tell you what’s going to happen in 2013. We break the future down into major categories, and give it to you straight. The good, the bad, and the stupid.

Plus: The big dust up around Linus this week, Steam working on expanded Linux support, Ubuntu rumors going wild, and we celebrate the release of E17!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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2013 Linux Predictions:


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2012 looks like it might have been one of the best year for Linux in terms of generating momentum, and positioning for an amazing 2013.



As put by Michael Larabel at phoronix.com

Valve’s next-gen Linux console. This Linux-based console for the living room that’s designed around Steam is going to be huge. This is one of the most exciting milestones to look forward to for Linux as a whole in 2013. Like earlier Phoronix Valve exclusives, you can believe it now or wait and be surprised later, but this is the most exciting piece of Linux hardware that we should see in 2013. It’s exciting on so many different levels as you’ll see and is a huge growth opportunity for Linux.

Noted by Jay Lyman, at LinuxInsider

OpenStack also represents the latest Linux battleground, with Red Hat, SUSE and Canonical all vying to support enterprise deployments. Linux is a big part of cloud computing – not only technically, but also culturally, and in conversations between vendors and customers.

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