Stahl Tells All | STOked 54

Stahl Tells All | STOked 54

We took a week off and you did NOT like it! So to make it up to you, we brought back Executive Producer Daniel Stahl, and squeezed every last bit of secret goodies out of his stash: He tells us all about The Foundry (the new official title of UGC), Klingon content additions, the return of Gozer, the future of STFs, PvP evolution, Devidians, Tholians and MORE!

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This Week’s Show Notes:

GOOD NEWS: Interview w/ Daniel Stahl!
He had so many great things to tell us about the future of STO, including:
TONS of UGC info, and it’s proper new title (The Foundry)
Information about the Devidians and Tholians
And an epic load of development plans for Klingons

New Latinum Trophies! (with pics)

Akira updates! (with pics)

BAD NEWS: No Math.

  • Jeremy needs more time to run a few more scenarios/tests
    There’s not enough room in this episode!
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