The Road Ahead | CR 30

The Road Ahead | CR 30

Mike’s got his hands on some new Windows RT devices, and shares his thoughts, challenges, and hopes.

Plus we discuss the Super Meat Boy vs Canonical drama, share our predictions for what’s to come in 2013, and answer some emails.

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Show Notes:


  • Ouya errata
  • Wayland writes in to ask if we think AAA games will ever come to Linux
  • Brett writes:

“Hi Chris Michael,

Just wondering what your thoughts are on learning/doing desktop apps compared to say web apps. Where do you see the shift or direction in programming going? Do you see more options for website/internet programming (Ruby,Perl, ASP, Javascript etc. ) or is it better to learn a system \”desktop application\” type language such as (Python, C#, Java etc.)

Is Desktop applications still a worthwhile cause?

Thank you for the tips and knowledge.


Christmas Goodies!

Asus Vivo Tab RT

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