Chilean Mine Rescue | J@N | 10.13.10

Chilean Mine Rescue | J@N | 10.13.10

This week! On the Bearded Action Show!
We discuss the cave-in of a Chilean mine system, and dish the “dirt” on how this could have been the result of a Minecraft obsession!
Then we’ll give you the inside scoop on how they managed to survive for more than 69 days – WITHOUT the benefit of a diamond-bladed Pickaxe!
Still curious about what led them to these depths? We’ll drop our cameras down their life-shaft and show you the 8-bit art they carved into their walls!
ALL THIS WEEK…. on the Bearded Action Shooooooooooow!

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Tonight’s Show Notes & Download Below:

A cave-in trapped 33 miners inside a huge mine system in Chile

  • 2,296 feet underground.

Today, after almost 70 days underground, a successful rescue operation was completed.

  • All 33 miners were successfully extracted using this contraption.
  • Scraped the walls the whole way up
  • About 10 minutes for the journey to the surface.
  • Only 21.25 inches in diameter.


Received limited supplies thru a whole that was only 15cm (~3inches) wide.

  • A 2,000 calorie diet per miner (mostly energy shakes, but also some bread and ham)
  • A camera and phone line
  • A mini-projector and fiber-optic line for displaying a 50” television screen
  • Football (soccer) jerseys signed by Chile’s national team

After being rescued, one of the miners received an all-expenses-paid trip to Graceland, TN.

  • He helped keep morale high during the ordeal by hosting Elvis sing-alongs.


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