Developing for Ubuntu Phone | CR 31

Developing for Ubuntu Phone | CR 31

Ubuntu for Phones holds a lot of promise, but so many glaring questions remain for developers. Can the choice of a powerful toolkit, and a small passionate community really break this new OS into the mobile market? We debate that, answer your emails…


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  • A number of listeners share the carrier situation in Europe.
  • Steve wants to listen to other coding podcasts in addition to CR BLASPHEMY
  • Stephen asks:

“ was wondering if either of you saw any benefit in writing an application for Ubuntu and Windows (I do not own a Mac) that will plug in to the Ubuntu One api and treat it like dropbox”

  • Shane writes in to agree with Mike re QT.

Dev Hoopla

Ubuntu Phone

  • Ubuntu Phone 101
  • The Critical Reception
  • Where’s the Phone
  • Dev story
  • QML == Mike was right!

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