Hulu Outage | J@N | 10.19.10

Hulu Outage | J@N | 10.19.10

On Saturday Oct 16th, News Corp. shut off access to all FOX programming on Hulu and Why? What were they trying to prove? And what does such a forced outage actually show us about online media? What could this mean for the future of Internet Web Series?

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Preface: The outage on Hulu doesn’t mean much folks to outside the USA, but the larger issues here are worth looking into, and paying attention to.

Could this open folks’ eyes to non-Cable-related media options, like video podcasts and news vlogs?

Also spells potential anti-trust suits re: NBC/Comcast merger plans.
Comcast Political Giving Up 61% Since Announcing NBC Deal
And furthermore, there’s the concerns over Net Neutrality.  If NBC (soon to be Comcast?) can deny access to their content to anyone willy-nilly, what will happen once they’re a major ISP and get into another dispute with a corporate partner at a later date?

Thinking about going streaming only? Check out Lifehackers fantastic chart of what is avaiable online, and where!


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