Jesse Heinig Interview | STOked 56

Jesse Heinig Interview | STOked 56

We review the highs (…and lows) of “Spin the Wheel,” the latest Devidian weekly episode. Then we’ve got a great interview with Jesse Heinig — Trek enthusiast, RPG creator, Fallout developer, and now, Content Designer for Star Trek Online!

Plus we have an all new community feedback question, so stay tuned to have your voice heard!

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This Week’s Show Notes:


Series 2, Episode 2 “Spin The Wheel”
– Reroute Power Puzzle = fail
– Dabo = fail
– Rewards = WIN!
** Rifle (deals Proton damage)
** Tribble (buffs resistance but makes you vulnerable to Protons)

Vor’cha Refit
Special thanks to SausageMeister, KDF Correspondent
– Best: Turning Rate (Dual Cannons easily to bring to bear, unlike other cruiser-like KDF ships)
– Worst: Lower hitpoints (about 300 lower)
– Meh: Swaps Ensign Eng for Ensign Tac
– Available for ENERGY CREDITS (@ T5… maybe Lt General)
(You can also buy a nice classic blue-green skin on the C-store for 120 pts)

Nebula Review
– Boff re-arrange, Universal slot (vs. DSSV, fewer science abilities)
– I feel like it was intended to be a Tac or Eng option, making it stronger/resilient
– Special ability is really nice for PvP vs. KDF, but lacks in PvE or when solo.


Please welcome Jesse Heinig to STOked!


Dedicated to Xavier Blackwood (aka Chris) – a fan of STOked that recently suffered a seizure and is now in a coma.  He’s been a fan of our show since the beta days, but is now in a position of only having a 30% chance of making a full recovery.  We wish him the best, and hope he beats those odds.

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