Monday Morning Java | CR 32

Monday Morning Java | CR 32

Mike’s got Java on his mind this week, and takes issue with the recent coverage it’s been receiving, and and offers some perspective.

Google allows developers to reply to bad reviews, is this the start of a major rage train? And the really good news for Qt, new challenges for monetization, and the depressing sales numbers in the Ubuntu Software Center.

Plus: Lots of great feedback, and much more!

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  • Email chapter 11 reminder
  • Ubuntu Phone Feedback and thoughts
  • Chaise wants to know what the theme song for the show is
  • Swadhin’s email
  • James is 14, has been learning C#, and wants to get into game dev — what should he do?
  • Russel shares this Game Programming Primer
  • Kalil drops the U bomb

Just some numbers I would like to share. In the Ubuntu software centre the second most sold app for the month of December sold only a mere 148 copies.

Read the comments by the app\’s dev, Jono Cooper, on this article.

Dev World Hoopla

  • Google Play real names — on like Diddy Kong Racing

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  • QT vs Cocoa

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