Save the Hack (part 1) | J@N | 10.26.10

Save the Hack (part 1) | J@N | 10.26.10

Almost a year ago, we built a new Hackintosh workhorse to help our workflow. It worked OK for a bit, but recently it stopped functioning. After a lot of troubleshooting, we’ve determined that the issue is hardware related.

We’re gonna rip the sucker apart LIVE over this week, and rebuild it. While we do that, we’re going to have a several-part discussion with you about the merits and downfalls of Macs, Hacks, Codecs, video production software, and MORE.

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“Why Mac?”

Software workflow
– Wirecast is BALLZ under Windows, and there is no Wirecast alternative under Linux
** The BRAINS of our operation, and no other software stands up to it.
– Final Cut Pro
** It’s just better.  Trust us.  But really, that’s only like 20% of the core issue.
** The software includes the codecs that we need to output a high quality video.

– We use ProRes — high quality, lossless
** FREE with Final Cut suite
– Alternatives:  Cineform ($500 per computer to license), DNxHD (low speed to encode, not quite as high quality)

A server, in essence.  A piping system that controls the backend support.
The encoder is a client of the server.

Watch the build video of this computer.


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