Save the Hack (pt 2) | J@N | 10.27.10

Save the Hack (pt 2) | J@N | 10.27.10

Tonight is a truncated edition of Jupiter@Nite, where we wrap up our tear-down/re-build of the Studio Monster Hack. Along the way, we’ll talk a bit more about the troubleshooting theories we’ve had behind this whole set of shenanigans, and some more stuff that’s awesome.

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Extra mounting brackets?
It’s possible that the surplus mounting brackets we had installed were causing temporary electrical issues, since they were directly contacting the circuitry.

Video card seating?
We’re not CERTAIN, but it’s possible that our video card wasn’t seated properly.  Major failballs right there, AND apparently a common problem for folks using this type of big, honking, ridiculously-gigantic card.

We’ve performed mem tests, drive tests, etc etc.
If we could test it, we have.  If we could tweak it, we have.  Please trust us, we’re computer geeks.

You’re more than welcome to share any thoughts you may have had about this process, please head over to

TOMORROW, we’ll power this sucker up and see if it works.
THEN, we’ll share some tech horror stories of our past.
BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, we’ll be doing our usual “Movie Night” in an altogether epic and awesome way.  TUNE IN at 8pm PDT tomorrow for all the excitement!


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