Save the Hack Halloween Special | J@N | 10.28.10

Save the Hack Halloween Special | J@N | 10.28.10

Come with us into Frankentosh’s Laboratory. Tonight we throw the switches, and boot this monster into its new life. Will it rage and eat our brains? Or will it gently comply to our every whim?

While we work on reanimating the Hackinzombie, we will also share with you some of our Tech Horror Stories, as well as some of our user-submitted tales of woe. Then, as we do on EVERY Thursday show, we tell you about some exciting things going on this weekend that we’re looking forward to! NOT JUST HALLOWEEN CANDY (mmmm, candy…)

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Tech horror stories

* Jeremy lost almost 2 hours of work on an episode of Beer Is Tasty. (damn you hack!)
* Submitted by ANONYMOUS (lol, you’ll see why…)
— Asked by his aunt to fix their computer, saw a folder labeled “admin tools” and opened it to see if there was anything in there to help.  Folder was filled with nekkid pics of his aunt & uncle, and set to large preview mode.  Some things you just can’t unsee.

* Submitted by Drkaczs
— He’s gone thru THREE Xbox360s (Red Ring of Death)
* Submitted by Hendershot
— I built my gaming rig. I placed the order, then right after that they ran our of the XFX gpu i ordered, so i had to wait a month to get it, then the day i get it takes me 2 hours to install because my top pci 16 slot was bad. On this same day I had to leave the state for a month to go visit the inlaws. So no gaming rig for me for 2 months. I get home and a few months go by. I have the sneaking suspicion that the cpu fan is blowing the wrong way, (It was) so i decide to remove the cpu cooler and turn it around at 3 am. I applied way to much grease during the initial install. So the grease glued teh cpu to the cooler. I couldn’t get the cpu cooler off no mater what i tried, so i ended up accidently ripping the cpu out and bending several pins. Fyi im broke and can’t pay for a new one. My buddy tells me he did the same thing to his cpu and AMD replaced it, he just bend the pins back and amd took it back no problem. Little did I know I bought a tray unit that can be returned.  its going on 4 months since I built the rig, and I finally got enough cash to buy a Hex core to replace it, got it in the mail yesterday. I made sure to get a model they could replace if I kill it again. Im doing cable management while watching the live feed.  Sadly now i can’t afford a new car.

*Chris’ Red Ring of Death is one of his biggest tech horror stories!

* Jeremy has a BUNCH of Real Life Ghost Stories.
For almost all of High School, I volunteered many days after school down at the Historic Everett Theater (Everett, WA).  The place is pretty much certified as haunted, showed up on A&E’s “Ghostly Encounters”

Back to the Future on Blu-Ray!

Left4Dead launches for the Mac via Steam (on sale for 75% off)

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