Bodilicious Bodhi Review | LAS | s25e04

Bodilicious Bodhi Review | LAS | s25e04

Bodhi Linux grabbed our attention with the stable release of E17. We’ll tell you what makes this scrappy distribution standout, and why E17 could be an XFCE killer.

Plus: Our meta review of Fedora 18, Gnome 3 forked again, the awesome game coming to Linux next week, and Ubuntu’s possible BIG gamble.

Then your emails, our picks of the week, and MUCH MORE!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Bodhi Linux 2.2 Review:


Brought to you by: System76

Bodhi is a Sanskrit/Pāli word which is usually translated into English as “enlightenment”. Thus it is an appropriate name for a Linux distribution utilising the Enlightenment desktop.

Bodhi Linux is a “semi-rolling” release. This means that we follow the Ubuntu LTS release cycle for the core of our distribution, but inbetween these major releases we backport software to our users so all of their software stays current.

This means; to stay with the latest release of Bodhi you only need to reinstall your system every two years, while still having current versions of your favorite applications.
Bodhi releases are supported/get security updates for as long as the LTS base is supported by Ubuntu – so five years.

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