Arch Linux Review | Linux Action Show | s14e03

Arch Linux Review | Linux Action Show | s14e03

We review Arch Linux and tell you why this 8 year old Linux distribution is the freshmaker!

Then – We cover Ubuntu’s plans to switch to Unity, huge news for Compiz, and the Gnome projects mega cash infusion!

Plus so much more, all this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Runs Linux:

Delta Airlines, Runs Linux

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Tango Video Calls


Unity shell will be default desktop in Ubuntu 11.04
A bright new future for Compiz
Unity to use Compiz instead of Mutter
GNOME Project Receives $15,000 for Accessibility Work
Banshee becomes Ubuntu 11.04 default music player

Illumination Software Creation Station is Suse Appliance of the Week

Arch Review:

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Pacman & Package Upgrade Issues Forum
Chakra 0.3-beta2, Released! (based on Arch)
apt-fast: Roughly 26x Faster apt-get

Arch Community Links (via Michael on Buzz): – a site where users of Arch can get a blog. – a site where users of Arch can get a free e-mail address. – a new site created after the Archlinux Magazine didn’t hit off as desired. A magazine style site relating to everything Archlinux.


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