R.I.P. XNA | CR 35

R.I.P. XNA | CR 35

Microsoft leaves developers in a lurch with the death of XNA, Blackberry 10’s early results look promising, Microsoft won’t admit they\’re an Enterprise company, and the mixed message the Surface Pro sends developers.

Plus the Python vs Ruby debate is finally settled, Mike publicly admits his chicken habit, and we answer audience questions.

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  • Mark writes: “In your honest, and sometime brutal opinion, which language should prevail? Which language has the best win32com support/modules? All the machines at my job run Windows 7, while personally, I have a 13\” Macbook Pro with Mountain Lion dual-booting Ubuntu 12.04.”
  • Tushar writes: “since neither Apple or Google require you to release the source code of your app when you submit it for approval, you could hide stuff that activate themselves at the customers end. “
  • Michael writes in suggesting that the Ubuntu Phone is not targeted at the US market.

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