Burn it Down | Unfilter 37

Burn it Down | Unfilter 37

The manhunt for Christopher Dorner has come to an end, we watched the conclusion unfold and have the clips that prove the fire at the cabin was set intentionally by law enforcement, and more.

The 2013 State of the Union is now behind us. President Obama delivered a speech with few surprises, but many calls of action. We’ll look at the issues most likely to move ahead.

Plus North Korea rattled their cage this week, we’ll share the details.

You might be surprised to find out many of us in the United States now live in what the DHS is considering constitution free zones. We’ll tell you all about this outrageous revelation.

Plus your feedback, and much more on this week’s Unfilter.

NOTE: The video feed for this week\’s episode was did not get recorded. But it will be back next week!

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–Show Notes–

Third North Korean Nuclear Test

A North Korean nuclear test draws international condemnation, modest U.N. sanctions and expressions of hope in the United States that China will finally rein in its ally.

Dorner Manhunt Comes to an End

A lot of people don\’t seem to know what a \”burner\” is. A burner is an incendiary tear gas canister that is specifically made to start a fire. These were used in Waco on the branch Davidians. At the time the FBI claimed the cult member started the fire, but much later the FBI admitted to using incendiary tear gas canisters to burn the Davidians out of hiding.

A tear gas canister ignited a fire at a City Terrace area home surrounded by SWAT officers as part of a standoff the morning Wednesday Jan. 16, 2013, according to sheriff\’s deputies.

Hoping to end the standoff, law enforcement authorities first lobbed “traditional” tear gas into the cabin. When that did not work, they opted to use CS gas canisters, which are known in law enforcement parlance as incendiary tear gas. These canisters have significantly more chance of starting a fire.

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Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address

The main difference between the White House executive order and CISPA is that CISPA would allow private companies (like Facebook or Google) to share details about cyber attacks with the government, whereas the executive order is a one-way street, with the feds sharing information with the private sector. CISPA opponents were concerned about immunity clauses that they said would incentivize companies to hand over customer information without hesitation.

DHS engages \’Constitution free\’ zones around US border

According to the US Department of Homeland Security, anyone who is within a 100 mile radius of the US border is subject to the search and seizure of any and all electronic devices for no apparent reason. These zones known as \”Constitution free\” zones have many privacy advocates speaking out against the new policy and fear that this new procedure is a violation of civil liberties for American citizens.

US senators propose assassination court to screen drone targets

The idea was bandied about during Thursday\’s confirmation hearing for CIA director nominee John Brennan, who fueled the talk by saying he thinks the concept is \”worthy of discussion.\” The nominee, as a vocal supporter of the targeted-killing program, has come under scrutiny for what some lawmakers see as the administration\’s unchecked power to kill, even if the target is an American citizen.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said as part of an effort to regulate the killing, she wants to review proposals to create something similar to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court — which reviews requests for wiretaps against suspected foreign agents — for drone strikes.
Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, is pushing the idea the hardest.

According to his vision, the drone court would be an avenue for U.S. officials to argue in secret before a judge why an American citizen should be targeted for death. He said it would be like \”going to a court for a warrant\” and proving probable cause.

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