Batman Badassery | J@N | 11.04.10

Batman Badassery | J@N | 11.04.10

We’re share some awesome news that’s been developing behind the scenes of Christopher Nolan’s next installment in the BATMAN series, now officially titled “Dark Knight Rising.” Plus we throw in our fair share of villain speculation, 3D news, love interests and MORE!

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Batman 3

No Riddler
* Film will be called “The Dark Knight Rises”
* Nolan isn’t ready to reveal the villain(s) but has said “It won’t be Riddler.”
* Mr. Freeze also eliminated, previously.
* Will NOT be in 3D (yay!)

Female Casting leads to rumors and speculation: Clayface? Batgirl?
* Charlize Theron as Sarah Essen
— Essen’s daughter (born from an affair w/ Gordon)  is rumored to be Batgirl in this version of Gotham.
— In the most well-known stories, Barbara is Batgirl – Sarah’s STEPdaughter from Gordon’s first marriage.
* Auditions being held for role of Julie Madison. (Kacie Thomas / Vera Farmiga)
— Madison is an actress and socialite, love interest of Bruce Wayne.
— Cast in a movie that is a remake of a film that originally starred Basil Karlo – a vain actor that ends up becoming Clayface.

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