Fedora 14 Review | Linux Action Show | s14e04

Fedora 14 Review | Linux Action Show | s14e04

Fedora 14 lands and we share our impressions of this Linux power house!

THEN – The Free Software Foundation has dropped a bomb on the VLC community, but we have to ask: what are the real motivations behind their latest attack!

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All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

Runs Linux:
The New OLPC XO-3, Runs Linux… We think!

Android Pick:
Real Signal

Shuttleworth contemplates Replacing X11 with Wayland

VLC Dev Rips the FSF a New One!

FSF’s Blog Post Regarding VLC

Epic Buzz Thread on the VLC Topic

Linux Kernel Holds it’s own over the last fiver years

Fedora 14:
Download Fedora
Spice Project
Fedora 14 Release Notes
Desktop Linux Reviews did a SOLID Review of Fedora 14


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