Welcome Back Gozer! | STOked 58

Welcome Back Gozer! | STOked 58

We’re excited to welcome Dan Gozer back to the show, well known as Cryptic_Gozer in the STO forums, and a prolific Star Trek Online developer! Get the low-down on the upcoming KDF content, pending STF revamps, and commentary on The Foundry from a professional content developer, the Gozer!

Plus – We review the latest weekly episode “Everything Old Is New Again”, did this week’s episode strike a classic trek note, or fall a bit flat? We take a look at it from every angle and share our thoughts!

We end the episode with a highlight of your suggestions for the possible future revamps of Earth Space Dock & Qo’nos!

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This Week’s Show Notes:


Review of “Everything Old Is New Again” weekly Feature Episode.
– Environment Art
– McCoy
– Data Console puzzle to escape the Computer Core
– Medical puzzle to cure the neural deterioration among the crew
– Reward (blue phasers with AWESOME sound effects)
– Multiple paths to success (combat vs. sneaking, jeffries tube, etc)
– Accolade for not shooting Feds (Cunning & Guile)
– 2 Boffs + You (if solo)
– 23rd Century phasers were DESTROYING us.
– Strange to see minimal reaction from the Feds about having KDF on board the station.

Stahl timeline for Season 3 features to appear on Tribble:
– This weekend, KDF ships
– Next weekend, everything else (minus The Foundry)
– As soon as QA is satisfied with its stability & feature list, The Foundry
– “It is still TBD if the Foundry will be on Holodeck at the start of Season 3 or if it will remain on Tribble. In either case it will still be in Beta but available to all subscribers to use.”

LINK: KDF ship details


Get the low-down on the upcoming KDF content, pending STF revamps, and commentary on The Foundry from a professional content developer!


We asked:  What features should the revamped ESD / Qo’nos include?

Your answers!

Admiral Drake:  Ship repairs accessible via dialogue in space.
Graham6410:  A room to watch ships coming & going.
Admiral Murphy: A nearby area to do ship “test drives” including objects to fight (weapon platforms/asteroids/etc) and big enough to get a feel for a ship’s maneuverability.
Ooiue: A transporter pad!  Or the ability to beam in directly to certain areas – no more wasted time running to the other end of the zone for what I need.
CrazySnowman: In-game access to news (like Ask Cryptic, etc) via “News Network” terminals.
Ethan: Scrap spacedock, and replace it with San Francisco!
Lennon: Replace injury NPCs with mini-games, and put them in Engineering/Medical Labs.
ScaryGuy: Barrels of bloodwine in Qo’nos!
Pikoy:  Targ breeding area (pens, interface consoles, etc) and areas that take you OUTSIDE.
Preston:  A combat holosuite used for practicing abilities and tactics.


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