FauxSNAP! | FauxShow 131

FauxSNAP! | FauxShow 131

Angela and Allan go over some common passwords you should never use, the bind the client vendor relationship always leads too, and challenges of the IT field.

Plus a rockin mail sack, and much much more!

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Popular Passwords – What not to use

  • In a previous episode of TechSNAP I talked about coming across a file dump for a hacker
  • That dump included 19,154,371 usernames and passwords stolen or collected from various databases
  • That database contained 11,967,679 unique passwords
  • That means at least 40% of the users had the same password as some other user (even if it is the same person using the same password on a second site, that is still not good)
  • Top 1000 Passwords
  • Popular items seem to be sports and teams, first names (girlfriend/boyfriend?), tv shows and cartoons, etc

Vendor Client relationship: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WciIiAmx9Ag

Billable time vs nonbillable time

Shady Salesmen (selling zip code areas on websites)

Proprietary Programs that only 1 person alive knows how to run

Handwriting: http://www.yourfonts.com/

Email from insurance company Contact Form #2190

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