Ubuntu’s Big Gamble | LAS | s26e01

Ubuntu’s Big Gamble | LAS | s26e01

The CEO of System76 joins us to discuss the impact Ubuntu’s recent announcements on Linux, the community, and products built around Ubuntu.

Then we debate if Canonical leading Ubuntu down a path of collapse under the weight of a massive gamble on unproven, in-house technology, or are they about to make their grand contribution to the open source community?

Plus the good news for KDE & WebM users, we answer some Linux questions…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Ubuntu’s Big Gamble:

Unity Next (aka Qt/QML Unity-Redid)


The chosen approach was to develop Mir, our own Display Server which is engineered driven by the designs and requirements that our larger vision dictates – no compromises, no crude hacks, fully testable & tested, performance in mind, support for legacy X applications, developed by Ubuntu for Ubuntu.

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