Minecraft Update | J@N | 11.10.10

Minecraft Update | J@N | 11.10.10

Since our last Minecraft episode, the game has continued to take off. After the major Halloween update which introduced The Nether, lead developer Notch has continued to roll out update after update to further enhance the multiplayer aspect of the game.

We’ve found the online multiplayer servers to be an excellent opportunity to grow our community interaction, as well as supporting further growth and bringing new folks to see us. In tonight’s episode, we’ll discuss some of the recent Minecraft news, as well as our personal experience with how it’s helped our community flourish.

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– The Nether (new harvestables, new enemies, and a faster way to travel)
– Biomes (forests, deserts, snowy fields, etc)
– Pumpkins! (can be worn as helmets, or lit with a candle to create waterproof lanterns)
– Watches (to tell time even while underground)

Recent Patches seen on Development Blog:  http://notch.tumblr.com/
– primarily bug fixes, like minecarts buckets and fishing.

Public To-Do List:  http://www.toodledo.com/views/public.php?id=td4b49fbf9c05a0

But what about US?
Jupiter Colony news:  http://www.jupitercolony.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=7181
— new public server = mc.jupitercolony.com
— previously public server is now private, and new members must petition for access.
— access will only be granted to recognized members of the Jupiter Broadcasting community, so comment or chat so that we come to recognize you.

Between our two servers, we’ve had close to 150 unique users log in.
– MINIMAL griefing has occurred – this part astounds the J-Man.
– So many hulking projects, it’s simply unreal.

I’m going to publish a couple tours of our servers soon on YouTube.


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