Marriage Equality | FauxShow 134

Marriage Equality | FauxShow 134

Angela and Chris talk about the Internet has reacted to the Marriage Equality debate, discuss a few of the issues at the heart of the matter, and share the live chat room’s thoughts on the subject.

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Human Rights Campaign Online Petition:

George Takei

Imgur album of supporting pics:

Infographic on the cost of Marriage inequality:

Similiar to above fact sheet on marriage benefits:

Flickr album:

Equality House

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UK – Teespring

Joao writes:

Hey guys. First off, thanks for all the great content you\’ve been releasing through the network. I try to listen to/watch everything you put out when I can (tuning in live is kinda hard though seeing as I\’m from the Philippines).

I initially intended for this to be feedback on Coder Radio but with the announcement of a new show, this could just as easily go there.

I noticed that Coder Radio had no bumper music other than bookends and since I do freelance music (got my domain from Go Daddy but they wouldn\’t accept the JB affiliated $2.95 .com promo codes. Could be a region thing.) I figured I should, if the music is to your liking, donate some music to divide the segments. But it could just as easily go to the Bitcoin show. Or wherever, I guess.

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