A Free Skype Alternative | LAS | s26e05

A Free Skype Alternative | LAS | s26e05

A new Jitsi is out, does it finally offer video calling in the Freedom Dimension? We’ll put Jitsi to the test and see if we can break out nasty Skype habit.

Then we debate: is Google trying to avoid the Linux “stigma”?

Plus we’ve got a surprise unboxing, why Valve considers “Linux an island of stability in a sea of commercial chaos”…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Brought to you by: System76


  • Set your video res (when it works)_
  • Group video calling
  • Combine multiple Google Accounts, and AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc.
  • Automatic and easy to use Encryption
  • Built in MP3 Recording
  • Nice sounds presets


  • Stability is a bit hit and miss

  • Sharing Desktop seems to be unreliable (Google Hangouts hands down wins here).

  • Does not take much freeze video, so don’t really touch much after a call is in place.

  • Limited by constraints of 3rd party networks

  • imgur: the simple image sharer

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