Browser War 2.0 | CR 44

Browser War 2.0 | CR 44

Blink a new fork of Webkit announced by Google looks to reignite the age old browser war, but this time around Mike and Chris think it’s only going to hurt developers, support personnel, and end users.

Plus the return of a notorious patent troll, and you won’t believe what they are claiming this time. Betting on the OUYA, a big batch of your emails, and much more!

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— Show Notes —


  • Khalil share some more disappointing USC news
  • Nick writes in asking if SPAs are crazy? And is looking for tips on how to influence the technical direction of his company without stirring the pot.
  • Juris has been coding nights and weekends but does not work in IT and would like to make the leap. But how?
  • Lots of Play! feedback.
  • Tushar doesn’t feel that the cloud is “ready yet” and has some questions about the QT license.
  • Krasi’s email: Trying something New

Dev World Hoopla

Lodsys: Patent troll Lodsys sues 10 mobile game makers, despite Apple’s intervention
Chrome gone wild!
Ouya Smackdown: Ouya review: can an indie console take on Sony and Microsoft? | The Verge

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