Google I/O Wish List | CR 49

Google I/O Wish List | CR 49

What we’d like to see come out of Google I/O, and the real changes they need to make to boost Android development to the next level. We’ve got our list, and we’re checking it twice.

Plus is there such a thing as a VPS on the cheap? The real improvements Apple needs to make in iOS 7, your feedback and more!

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Dev World Hoopla

Google\’s hotly anticipated annual developer conference will kick off in just a couple days in San Francisco. And conference-goers and Android fans are excited about the possibility of new products the company may announce and/or give away.

So far Pichai, a 40-year old grad of the fabled Indian Institute of Technology and later Stanford, has kept his head down and refused all press. But as this week’s I/O event approached, he granted WIRED his first interview since taking over Android.

TechCrunch reported Wednesday that Onswipe, a company that specializes in creating tablet-optimized HTML5 websites for its customers, has observed \”a significant bump\” in the number of visits to its partner sites — from both iPhones and iPads that apparently run on iOS 7

Ouya has revealed it will delay the retail launch of its Android-based gaming console by three weeks until June 25th. In an interview with Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman.

OUYA, the most well-funded and heavily marketed of a number of approaches to TV-based microconsole gaming, has announced both a $15 million funding round and a three-week pushback on its June 4  retail launch date.

The round, led by Kleiner Perkins, features investment from graphics company NVIDIA (which is marketing its new mobile processors heavily on their console-like gaming performance, most obviously in their proof-of-concept Project Shield console, and which supplies the Tegra 3 mobile processor powering the OUYA), the Mayfield Fund, Shasta Ventures and Ocean Partners. This nearly doubles the $8.5 million funding the OUYA console raised in its July 2012 Kickstarter campaign. Kleiner Perkins\’ Bing Gordon, an EA veteran currently on the board of Zynga, will also join  the OUYA board.

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