Me Oh My I/O! | CR 50

Me Oh My I/O! | CR 50

Google I/O has wrapped up and the guys have two very different takeaways. Has Google addressed our pleas from episode 49, or did we only see half the answer from I/O? Mike and Chris debate.

Plus: How Google’s focus on G+ could be great for developers, the new guy challenge, and a batch of your emails!

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  • Nick\’s email: Is ASP outdated?
  • Your Google IO feedback
  • Keith wants to know what we think of an all you can eat option for apps

Me Oh My IO!

There weren\’t stunts at Google I/O 2013 resembling the Great Google Glass Launch of 2012, and there wasn\’t nearly the same level of hard news as there was in 2012, but nonetheless it was a significant event for both software developers and users.

A Google I/O Nexus 7 (HD) announcement is one of the most highly anticipated development at the annual Android event. When the device was a no-show, Nexus tab enthusiasts refuse to give up hope.

Today, during Google\’s I/O developer conference, the company announced a group of tools for app developers, including a new developer suite called Android Studio. It\’s an IDE based on IntelliJ.

Google also introduced its music subscription and discovery service called Google Play Music All Access. For a $9.99 monthly fee — $7.99 if you start a 30-day trial by June 30 — you get unlimited access to stream tracks thought the Play Music app and on the web.

  • Google App Engine now supports PHP!….



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